I have worked in the field of addiction counseling for over 20 years.  My work has taken me to different rehab clinics across the UK as well as Jersey and Holland.  The subject of addiction is vast and complex, the subject of recovery is equally so.  I am a devotee of the abstinence-based method of treatment for all sorts of addictions.  As far as I am concerned it works for most people and I use it in my own life as well as for my work.  

My interests apart from recovery and the complexities of the mind are traveling, gemstones and geology, music and literature.  I have recently published my first book entitled "Twisted Wires" which describes the crazy mixed up world of addiction.  I am currently writing the next book.  I discovered writing was a passion in my recovery, so what better way to put two of my interests together and create something that could help others. 

I believe sincerely we recovering addicts have to find a way to create, and to marvel at the beauty of this universe, as in the darkest hours of our addiction we often craved the opposite.  When the euphoric stage of any binge ends, often we craved darkness and nothingness.  I lived with this and in the mantle of shame and despair for years.  It was never what I envisioned for myself and my life, so  having found a way to be free of this leaves me in a state of gratitude and with a desire to tell the world!

I am an accredited addiction specialist and have been a member of (FDAP) The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals for over twenty years. (Now known as SMMGP)

I also hold a qualification in Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT)

I work full time for a busy addiction clinic in the South of England and have a private practice running alongside it.