I am an experienced passionate and senior professional within the field of Mental Health & Addictions.  I have worked and been heavily involved with addiction programmes in the UK, Holland and Jersey.    I believe in treating everyone as an individual and helping patients, friends and families understand some of the more complex and challenging mental health issues in the UK today.  I strive to continue changing minds and attitudes as well as increasing general awareness of the dangers of untreated addiction.  My knowledge and experience have led me to write a book "Twisted Wires" which explores the twisted logic, thinking and behaviour of the addicted brain. 

My interests, as well as the complexities of the mind, are, travelling and exploring.  In another lifetime I would choose to be a gemologist, searching the earth for beautiful gems and crystals.  I adore literature and poetry, but most of  all love to see human beings become 'the best version of themselves' which is only possible when they understand that an untreated addiction destroys this possibility.

I am an accredited addiction specialist and have been a member of (FDAP) The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals for over twenty years. (Now known as SMMGP)

I also hold a qualification in Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT)

I work full time for a busy addiction clinic in the South of England and have a private practice running alongside it.