I offer a bespoke treatment planning service, which will be worked out with you at our first meeting.  The minimum length of treatment is six sessions.  Many people opt for more sessions, of course, but six sessions will give you enough time to either find out what has been going wrong and discover solutions or to opt into a more comprehensive look at your life and problems.  I specialize in addiction treatment but use an eclectic approach, bringing into treatment aspects of Cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy as well as using Emotional Freedom Techniques if required.  

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is used as a technique to shift trauma and stress, both physical and emotional from the body.  It uses a system described as acupuncture without needles.  It is a simple effective tool which can be taught quickly and will bring results if used.  It can help in many instances with both big or small trauma, with panic attacks, with phobias of all sorts.  I have found it particularly helpful with fear of public speaking, which I need to do for my job at times.  

If you need in-patient treatment, I can also assist you to access this option.  The team at the clinic will offer you an independent assessment of your needs.

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